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Timex T5G941 Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex T5G941 is a perfect heart rate monitor for anyone looking for the basic features at an extremely affordable price. The Timex T5G941 is one of the most popular heart rate monitor products by Timex. The display is large and has a very easy to see screen. The activity timer is a special feature with the Timex T5G941 which allows this heart rate monitor to be set on a minimum, average and maximum heart rate for each workout.

The Timex T5G941 does what it’s supposed to do and more. It keeps up with the heart rate changes efficiently, and the chest and wrist bands are very comfortable. The minimal controls are intuitive and work well. I was surprised to find that it automatically timed my workout which is neat. It comes with a small instruction guide  which is easy to read and touches on all the features and possible adjustments. This is the best heart rate monitor I have had among dozens at the lowest price.

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Product Features and Specification

  • Target Zone (preset your desired heart rate exercise zone;  alarm notification when you are not in zone)
  • Preset your desired heart rate exercise zone
  • Alarm notification when you are not in zone
  • Shows the percent of max heart rate display or BPM
  • Recovery Heart Rate Timer
  • Automatic Activity Timer (elapsed workout time is automatically recorded)
  • Time in Zones (spent within your selected heart rate target zone)
  • Recalls activity time (time-in-zone, average and peak heart rates, and calories
  • Analog Heart Rate Sensor (works with heart rate interactive treadmills and gym equipment)
  • Water resistance to 30m

The Reviews

I’d hoped that getting a new heart rate monitor would encourage me to exercise more often. So far so good. The main reason I got the Timex T5G941 was so I could monitor my heart rate while I went running, which I do on a daily basis now. As a heart rate monitor, the functionality is very simple yet effective. It tracks your heart rate for the entire workout. You hit the big button to start, and it goes to work tracking the length of time, the average heartbeat, and the peak. While you are running, it displays your current heartbeat. That’s it – but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple.

I should point out that, as a watch, the watch piece tells the time and date only. If you want/need splits and a stopwatch, you should look elsewhere.

Here’s some other thoughts: I was worried that the strap would break but realized after a couple workouts that I was probably wearing it a little too tight. Since adjusting, it is much more comfortable, has not fallen off, and, as a guy, you almost forget that you have it on.

I had no original intention of wearing it while NOT working out, but I’ve found it addictive, and have enjoyed observing how drinking a cup of coffee while sitting at my desk does raise my heart rate about 10-15 beats per minute on average. Also, as I’ve started to get in a little better shape over the last 3 weeks, I see that I have to run either farther or faster to get my heart rate up to certain thresholds. And, now my heart rate does not go up as high from merely climing the stairs at home. I believe that these insights, among others, are very encouraging for someone who is just getting back in shape. The encouragement aspect combined with the simplicity makes this a great starter heart rate monitor for anyone considering.

I use this everytime I work out, it even comes with a fitness booklet. Very easy to use, It works perfectly and was a great price! The Timex T5G941 heart rate monitor is exactly what I was wanting to exercise with. Something small, accurate, and simple! The functions are very simple that after just a quick read through the instructions you are ready to go! Strap it on and hit the button at the beginning of your workout. When you are done, you hit the same button to stop the workout and then you can easily review your average heart rate, workout length, and the peak.

Since it also shows the current heart rate, it has become addicting to see how certain exercises exert more force than others. I will admit, it’s also really cool to see how something simple like drinking a cup of coffee will affect your heart rate. I thought the other reviewers were kidding about that, but it’s true! To me, that makes this product great to use for exercise and my own curiosity about how the foods I eat affect me.

Overall, great product. If you want something that doesn’t have a lot of extra features, this is it! Small, convenient, and simple.