Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

If you haven’t noticed by now, the heart rate monitor watches we choose to review usually are of exceptional quality or price, and many times both. The Suunto T6D is definitely one in the exceptional quality department, not to mention a strap that feels lighter than air when worn. Suunto watches are known for their advanced features and high tech functions that you won’t find in most watches. The T6D honors this tradition with water resistance, dual belt, connection to the PC with top notch software.

The T6D acts much like a super computer with extreme data processing power. When you download the data from the watch to the PC, it will compile a series of data that can paint a clear performance picture for just about any data junkie. It will break down for you the following: heart rate, respiration rate, altitude, distance travelled, times and calories burned. One of the best features from Suunto is the TE (training effort) computation that provides through a series of algorithms and indexes. It gives a fairly good overall indication of your efforts in training. The software is incredibly easy to use and is compatible with both PC and MAC.

In addition to Suunto designs, you can add GPS or foot pod to track various other progress, without having to buy a high end GPS watch. You can easily just choose the pod addition that you would like instead of getting a watch that gives too many features you will never use.

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  • The special dual belt offers one the most comfortable heart rate belts in existence.
  • It is extremely easy to use for such an advanced product.
  • 100 meter water resistance for all swimmers out there.
  • Very stylish comes in black and fusion red trim.


  • Backlight is a bit dim, and could use some improvement.
  • Manual is lacking detailed information. However most people tend to figure it out on their own.

The Reviews:

“Having had this watch and foot pod for more than a year now, I use them when running at least 3 times a week. So far the watch is amazing. I no regrets would definitely buy this again. Belt and foot pod is easy to setup and simple to calibrate. I found them reliable and extremely accurate. It is easy to use when running and reading at the same time. I especially like how the custom display is setup. The watch and heart rate belt is very comfortable, so much so I forget it’s there some of the time.”

“A very good large display fitness with with functional and practical heart rate monitoring. The altimeter is a great addition.. I love the black and yellow (black flame) appearance. Not that big so it doesn’t get in the way. Very solid watch, I am satisfied with the purchase.”

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