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Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar is considered to be one of the best heart rate monitors among consumers, sports coaches, and personal trainers. They have a worldwide reputation for producing accurate instruments with a wide range of useful functions.

The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor watch is a good example of the type of product that has made Polar so well liked. The main benefit of this heart rate monitor is that it allows users to train at the correct intensity for them and so improve their performance over time.

It does this by providing detailed information about heart rate, speed, distance and calories used during an exercise session. This information can be stored and analyzed at a later date to check on performance and progress. A useful aspect of this data gathering is that it enables goals to be set and the RS300X heart rate monitor watch will give visual and audible warnings if the target heart rate is exceeded or not reached when training.

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Product Features and Specification

  • Simple-to-use wrist heart rate monitor/training computer in black helps you to train at the right intensity
  • Provides metrics for heart rate, speed, distance, pace, and calorie burn
  • Tracks your latest 16 training sessions and your last 16 weeks of training
  • OwnZone feature for individualized zone training by heart rate or pace, a fitness test, and auto lap splits
  • Includes Polar WearLink+ 31 coded transmitter
  • Compatible with S1 foot pod and G1 GPS Sensor
  • Watch features an alarm with snooze, dual time zone, stopwatch
  • Compatible with Polar FlowLink (available separately)
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Backlighting, display zoom

The Reviews

This heart rate monitor has received somewhat mixed reviews from its users. Let us consider the more positive comments first. People who gave this heart rate monitor top marks found that it did everything they expected of it in a no-fuss way. It was thought to be easy to set-up and intuitive in use. As far as could be seen the information it provided was accurate and the displays were considered to be clear and easy to decipher.

The watch and monitor were also said to be comfortable to wear and it offered an excellent specification for the low price.

In contrast, there were people who thought that the display was difficult to read in bright sunlight. This is a problem with most watches and is not confined to the Polar RS300X. A more serious issue is that the battery can’t be changed by the user. This can make battery changing an expensive business, especially when compared to the initial low price of the heart rate monitor. A fundamental aspect of a heart rate monitor rate watch should be that you should be able to see the time of day when training. Unfortunately, when viewing the various exercise related functions, the Polar RS300X won’t show you the time.

In view of the mixed comments about this heart rate monitor watch, we don’t feel able to give it an unqualified recommendation. It has many good qualities and has a very competitive price so it certainly worthy of consideration. If you want to have a heart rate monitor with more features and avoid some of the issues mentioned, it might be worth while looking at a more expensive model.