Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Over the years the Polar brand of heart rate monitor devices has earned itself a good reputation for bringing out newer and better ones with every coming year and the new Polar FT7 lives up to this very well indeed. Since its recent launch it has proved to be a hit with both men and women users. With its latest feature known as the EnergyPointer is a huge hit with all users as it allows them to know if they are actually burning off fat during their exercise program – cleverly it also tells users if they have made any general improvement in their overall fitness. The whole process of following any progress that a user is making, storing in the diary or any other information that will be valuable to them for future reference, can be stored right in the watch unit and the screen is wonderfully easy to see and view. We have found the best price for Polar FT7 at Amazon – click here to check it out.


  • Calorie counter is very accurate and useful for walking, swimming or strength training.
  • Target heart rate graph can be used to see where you are in your progress.
  • Extremely user friendly so that anyone can set it up.
  • Capacity to store all useful files from your training. It’s helpful to look back on previous sessions.
  • Water resistant.
  • Backlight – a handy little feature that sometimes comes in useful.

Some other points worth noting about this heart rate monitor is that the design is a vast improvement on some of the older models. For instance the chest strap is definitely a lot more comfortable to wear during exercise. The device has the capacity to reduce interference from wireless devices in the area a lot more efficiently. They appear to have resolved the issues they were having with the batteries, in short users don’t have to send off to Polar for a replacement. Cons:

  • There are a couple of minor drawbacks to an otherwise great heart rate monitor and these are that the watch is a little on the quiet side when it comes to beep indicators.
  • Also, in order to download workouts a user is required to buy a separate Polar device.
The Reviews:

“Like to keep an eye on my heart rate when I am working out and wanted something that wasn’t too heavy to wear. This HR is great to use and wear. Very comfortable to wear – easy to read the screen, so far I really like it.” “Thought it was time to start using one of these things so checked out with some buddies who said that Polar were the best in town when it comes to heart monitors. I am a lorry driver by trade so need to get as much exercise as I can get to keep myself in shape is really vital, my friends recommended this gadget, I bought it and I am very happy with it.” On sale at Amazon, it usually better priced compared to other online retailers. The market place always offers great deals if you don’t mind used products. You can potentially get free shipping along with a great refund policy.