I Went to Talk with Jack

Of course it was not a surprise when I saw how Jack has been living. He has himself a place out in the high desert of Arizona. It was up on a plateau. He had a dozen or so horses, all of them cow ponies. He told me that he had a herd of wild horses on his land and a little herd of real longhorn cattle. They looked like prehistoric monsters to me. Of course he was living with a pair of gorgeous ebony escorts. That is what they called themselves when I asked if they were models or actresses. These girls were in their mid twenties I thought and they seemed to never be fully clothed the entire time that I was there. Jack told me that he was done caring about what other people thought and that included me as well. Of course I have worked for him as long as I have been out of college. For decades he was in the office before anyone else and worked incredible hours. He went through three wives and raised five kids, providing plenty of money for all of them.

Then he started to wonder what the point of it was, especially since he was so successful as an investor. Everyone in the company knew that, because he made us all reasonably wealthy with our pension plan. A few years ago he realized that he had built an organization that could run just fine whether he showed up or not. I do not think he really liked that, but he decided to become a cowboy like he had wanted to when he was a kid in Illinois. Of course I suppose that the cowboys would have approved of the two girls, since most of them lived in great solitude aside from blowing everything as soon as you hit town.