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It’s been years since her child’s father dumped her, and since then Kara McMillan has kept men at bay – although every day she aches more for a lover’s touch. But to get that, the hard-boiled journalist must become vulnerable – a feeling she vowed never to have again.

With his dangerous good looks, charm, and power, Senator Reece Sheridan could have just about any woman he sets his piercing eyes on. But he’s intrigued by only one. This Kara, this gutsy investigative reporter, has a sensuality that arouses him to no end. If she’s a firebrand in print, he guesses, she must be just as fiery in bed…

But this is no fling. A sudden political scandal – and attempts on Kara’s life – could very well drive them apart. Or maybe, just maybe, adversity could draw them into a bond even more intense than their steamy sexual embraces.

It’s such a great feeling to re-read an old favorite and still find it to be a winner! It’s sad to say but lately, very few ‘new’ books can keep my attention so I decided to revisit an oldie and I’m really glad I did. The last time I read this book was over 2 years ago and reading it again now reminds me why I’ve always considered it (and this series) to be one of my all-time favorites. It just hits all the right buttons. The characters are very mature and there’s hardly any relationship drama, the mystery was well concocted while the suspense kept my attention, and the amount of romance and steam was just right. But most of all, it’s the quality and depth of the story that just really gets to me. There’s a journalistic feel to the book which I loved. It didn’t make the story preachy but at the same time I still feel like I learned something. The author was an investigative journalist herself, so a lot of the newspaper jargon and methods are drawn from personal experiences which just made the book feel so authentic.

The I-team series focuses on a group of top-notch investigative journalists who are the best of the best, all specializing in a specific news area. This first book is journalist and single mom Kara McMillan’s story. The stories she covers all have to do with the environment and her latest piece is exposing a potentially corrupt company for harmful waste disposal that breaks environmental standards. I like smart, complex plots that make me think, and so even though Kara’s investigation is pretty detailed, it worked well for me. I also really like how well-rounded her character is. While she’s working, Kara gives off this hard, unrelenting vibe but when she’s with her son, she becomes unguarded and relaxes. She’s pretty much perfect in my eyes!

Then there’s the hero Reece Sheridan who’s a state senator. If there’s one thing I remember about this author’s books (I’ve read all her books) is that she always creates these memorable and extremely honorable heroes. At first, I was a bit wary about Reece because I mean, he’s in politics and realistically speaking, there aren’t that many politicians you can wax poetic about. But Reece is really different. Not only is he not

corrupt, he’s one of those very rare people who entered the world of politics for all the right reasons: to promote change that benefits society and its people. In a way I feel like his character pokes fun at all the greedy, single-minded politicians out there today. While I did think his interest in Kara was too sudden, I didn’t mind because neither Kara nor Reece were looking for random hookups, so their relationship still progressed at a believable pace. From the start, Reece was all in, and even though Kara was being indecisive at first, I understood why. Unlike Reece, she had her young son to consider, her past abandonment issues to work through, and just the whole journalist/politician dynamic put pressure on both of them. I liked that while there was drama, there was nothing dramatic about it and all issues were resolved in a mature, respectable manner. And through it all, Reece stood firmly by her side, defended her, protected her, pampered her…gah!! So who cares that he was a bit too perfect and the love was instantaneous? Give me an honorable, good-hearted hero and I’ll waive all my usual complaints away 😉

The one thing that did bother me though was when Kara’s 4-year old son asked if she and Reece were having sex and that just rubbed me the wrong way. In context of the book, it was meant to be funny (and I swear, I did laugh) but it was the uncomfortable kind of laugh… I mean, the kid is FOUR and he knows what sex is. Hmmm… I docked half a star for that but in no way did that affect my enjoyment of the book overall.

This book was steamy, well-researched, and really well-written. Since I’ve read the other books following this one, I can tell you this is a series that gets better (suspense and romance wise) with each new book and I’m already getting giddy at the thought of revisiting the other wonderful I-team heroes and their leading ladies. If you’re looking for a new romantic suspense series to fall in love with, definitely go with this one!

Extreme Exposure is the 1st book in the I-team series and is a standalone. Each book will have a main character who’s a journalist focusing on one specific news area (in this book it was environmental standards).