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Best Heart Rate Monitor – How Can You Find One?

Summary: Heart rate monitor is an electronic device that is used to monitor measure and record the heart rate of a person.

The best heart rate monitor would be equipped with useful features like GPS, stopwatch, timer, alarm, etc. The heart rate monitors are available in various forms, but mostly preferred as strapless wristwatches.

Have you ever considered the benefits offered by a heart rate monitor? If yes, then you would definitely like to invest in the best heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is an electronic device, which can monitor and measure your real time heartbeat, and even record your heartbeat for a study.

A heart rate monitor consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The working of a heart rate monitor depends on the electrical pulses sent out by the user’s heart muscles. The transmitter in the monitor traps or detects the pulses, and then transmits them to the receiver in the form of electromagnetic signals. The transmitter is generally in the form of a chest strap, and the receiver is a portable device like a wristwatch or mobile phone.

Modern heart rate monitors are generally designed as wristwatch models to enable efficient and easy usage. With the evolution in design, strapless heart rate monitor watches were developed in order to ease out the inconvenience caused due to the chest straps. The strapless heart rate monitors are equipped with sensors and microprocessors that determine and display the current heart rate. Advanced models have the facility to measure other fitness parameters such as breathability rate, heart activity, variability, dehydration, core temperature, speed, distance, etc.

Features of the Best Heart Rate Monitors

When you take a quick look at the heart rate monitors available in the market, you may find the features of all those monitors to be quite similar, and hard to distinguish. Some of the following features can help you categorize a heart rate monitor as the best in its class.

  • Convenience: A quality heart rate monitor offers you the convenience to use it, irrespective of the weather. The monitor should be water resistant in order to work efficiently even in humid conditions or during a strenuous gym regime. It should be equipped with a GPS, safe workout zone alert, timer, stopwatch and a heart rate recorder.
  • Clarity: The monitor should be able to project clear results even during a workout or an activity. Genuine manufacturers maintain clarity on the warranty offered on their heart rate monitors.
  • Configuration: The heart rate monitor should allow you to connect or configure it so that it can work in synchronization with a treadmill or your computer.

How to Select the Best Heart Rate Monitor

Reviews on the various heart rate monitors available in the market will help you in selecting the right heart rate monitor. These help you in identifying your needs and matching them with the best options available to you. In addition to helping you in determining the type of heart rate monitor you need, the heart rate monitor reviewsassist in comparing the convenience factor and usability of the top heart rate monitors available in the market.

When you are confident about the features, you desire to have in your heart rate monitor, you can easily compare the top heart rate monitors available in the market. The best heart rate monitor watch provides you all the necessary options needed to monitor your heartbeat along with various other helpful features to aid you. Some of the top heart rate monitor watches include Suunto T6D, Polar FT7, Polar FT60, Polar F6, Timex Ironman, Garmin Forerunner 60 and ePulse2 strapless heart rate monitors.